You Are My Sunshine

A few weeks ago, one of my blogger buddies bestowed upon me an unexpected but very pleasant gift: The Sunshine Award. Lord David Prosser is a witty gentleman from across the pond, and his blog, The Barsetshire Diaries , exemplifies courage and humor. I wish him many fond memories of his lovely Julia, and a future filled with love and happiness as his daughter blesses him with a grandchild this year.

Now, for my part in accepting this award…

What inspired me to start blogging? I started blogging after taking an incredible online course by Kristen Lamb about branding. Blogging was part of building my writer platform, but now it’s a delight in itself. I love connecting with people through this venue.

How did I come up with the name of my blog? As a romance writer, I wanted my blog posts to generally be an escape from everyday life. Sipping margaritas by the pool are about as escapist as I can imagine in my daily life and I’m a fan of alliteration.
What is my favorite blog I like to read? Wow, that’s a difficult question. I read and enjoy so many different blogs for different reasons. However, a few constants in my life are and blog.

Tell about my dream job. That’s easy. Writing and living in Key West.

Is my glass half full or half empty? Half full.
If I could go anywhere on a week’s vacation, where would I go? I’d rent a house on Sunset Key off the island of Key West.

What food can I absolutely not eat? I have many food intolerances and some allergies, but I won’t bore you all with that. As far as a food I could eat but choose not to…hands down that would be liver. Yuck! Even the smell of it makes me wretch.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
Neither. Allergic. Sigh….

How much time do I spend blogging – in other words, am I one of those lucky people who can dash off a blog post in no time, or take forever on one post to get it just right?
I spend six hours per post, which is why I write only one per week. As you may know, I’ve had difficulty even getting that done with recent issues. Oh, and my obsessive novel writing tends to eat up a lot of hours. But that’s okay, right? I did start the blog to complement my writing, not replace it.

What shows do I like? I enjoy Once Upon a Time, NCIS, and Food Network shows such as Chopped! and Cupcake Wars. Those are the shows I’ll admit to watching. My guilty pleasure shows are my business…

There are three blogs in particular that warm my heart with their words in 2013, and thus deserve my nomination for the esteemed SUNSHINE AWARD:

Julie Glover’s  Threading the Labyrinth

Janet MuffintopMommy

Jess Witkin’s Happiness Project

Congrats! To accept this award, simply link your post to my blog, answer these simple questions, and nominate those bloggers who bring sunshine to your day.

And now, for a moment of natural bliss….

Happy Spring, everyone!




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  1. lorddavidprosser
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 01:05:01

    What a wonderful acceptance of a deserved award. Thanks so much for the kind wishes in your fantastic blog. I hope you continue to derive much pleasure from this form of communication for a very long time. Your readers must derive great pleasure from your words.
    I send you Huge Hugs. xxxx

  2. Jill Weatherholt
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 17:23:43

    Congratulations! A well deserved award indeed! Ahhhh, writing on a beach in Key West…that’s my dream job as well. 🙂 Love the beautiful photos!

    • Jolyse Barnett
      Apr 17, 2013 @ 20:30:46

      Jill, did you know there’s a Writer’s Compound in Key West?? I learned about it when I was researching homes a few weeks ago. I can imagine writing and brainstorming with like-minded individuals. My husband is all for it. 🙂 Look forward to living that particular dream one day.

  3. Jill Weatherholt
    Apr 18, 2013 @ 05:41:50

    No, I didn’t. Sounds like our kind of place! Dreams do come true, we’ll just have to be patient. 🙂 I hope your husband is doing well.

  4. Jess Witkins
    Apr 21, 2013 @ 12:56:02

    Thank you Jolyse! What a sweet award. I’ve barely seen the sun much around the midwest so vacationing at your blog with a margarita in the Keys sounds divine! You know I’ve been to the Keys and it is gorgeous! I love that loooong bridge you drive over to get there and it’s just ocean on either side. Beautiful!!

    Thanks again! Cheers!

  5. Julie Glover
    Apr 21, 2013 @ 23:52:16

    Thanks so much, Jolyse! A well-deserved award for you.

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